About BBC

Bethany Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Spartanburg County Baptist Network.  We are located in the Hilltop community of Spartanburg, South Carolina just off the Asheville highway.

Bethany began as a mission out of Calvary Baptist Church and was established as a church in 1951.  Our congregation has gone from meeting in a tent, to a former Camp Croft Army Barracks building, to the nice facility we enjoy today. 

Only four men have served as Bethany’s pastor during her 66 year existence; Bill Bagwell, Glenn Rusher, Phil Ellenburg, and Allen Elder.  Between the ministries of these men, several faithful men also served as interim pastor.

Our intent is to fulfill the Great Commission.  To do this, we are leading people to have a strong foundation in the Bible, helping each other to discover and develop a personal ministry, learning how Jesus made disciples, and seeking to follow his example.  We want to help people find and fulfill God’s purpose for their life. 

If these are the kind of things you are looking for in a church, we would love for you to come and talk with us and see what we are doing with and for the Lord Jesus Christ.  We would like for you to go with us in this exciting, hopeful and intentional journey to be all that Jesus wants a church to be.  We hope to see you soon.